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Qué rico menstruo

#quéricomenstruo is a project and artistic movement that seeks to eradicate the stigma that menstruation carries. Patriarchal societies see our period as disgusting and shameful, inducing us to reject our body. It’s time to unlearn that. This project not only demands the normalization of our blood flow but also its re-signification. It consist on textiles interventions on different pieces of cloth, at the height of the groin, with materials of various shades of red. The idea is to simulate a stain produced by the period. That main focus of the project are my interventions but I also run workshops to invite people to participate. In the workshops each participant decides how they want to represent their period. They get involved in a process of de-construction on how society has told us to understand menstruation to reach a personal re-appropriation. I give them the tools and teach them the textile techniques necessary to represent their blood flow, their menstrual cycle. The workshops are directed to women, gender non-conforming, trans men and everyone who has experienced the release of the blood river through their thighs. 


#quéricomenstruo turns a personal matter into a public one. To re-signify menstruation we need to wear it, cover the streets with it. 

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