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Parir los pétalos 

at Real Art Ways, 2023

In the exhibition parir los pétalos (translating to ‘give birth to the petals’), Chuls imagines a ceremony of physical, emotional and spiritual abortions defined by interdependencies and pleasure. A recent sculptural series of ceramics and textiles represents vestiges of past and future abortion practices, augmented by cross-knit looping relating to a Nasca mantle dated 100 – 300 CE (currently in the collection of the Brooklyn Museum). The graphite drawings of Embriones Huaco similarly reference the forms from Nasca and Mochica huacos, with cross-knit looping puncturing the paper surface. Informed by her study of pre-Hispanic textiles and ceramics archives, Chuls articulates an understanding of abortion as part of a collective and more-than-human fertility cycle. (Text by Cody Boyce) 

Parirme Clandestina 
at Corriente Alterna, 2020

at Galería Forum, 2020
Tierra Incógnita
at Fundación Euroidiomas, 2017
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